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We are Lovers of Open Society

“What we need and what we want is to moralize politics, not to politicize morals.”
Karl R. Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies

Since 1869 the number of Federal Appelate Districts has grown from 9 to 13.

With staunch opposition from anti-American Congressional representatives, Supreme Court has been made into a farce. Through lies and impeachable offenses such as perjury, The proponents of intolerance have managed cement a durable majority of Justices who scorn precedent and rule of law.

To counter this travesty of justice, SCOTUS13 is a strong proponent of judicial ethics reform and Supreme Court expansion to 13 justices. This will empower the Court to return to a place of propriety and respect in the short term and create a quick process for revoking advise and consent of the Senate for future Supreme Court nominees who choose to lie during their confirmation hearings.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Appelate Districts
Current Justices
Impeachable Justices

The Supreme Court Court of the United States must have a judge for every Federal Appellate District.

Why are there 9 Justices?

Judicial Act of 1869 was the last time the number of Justices were set by Congress. At the time, this was set to 9 justices, one for every Federal Appellate District of the Court. Since then, United States of America has grown by leaps and bounds, and the Judicial system has expanded to 13 Federal Appellate Districts, while the number of Supreme Court Justices has remained constant at 9. The Court must be expanded to 13 justices to account for Judicial growth.

How SCOTUS13 Helps

SCOTUS13 supports congressional, local, and judicial candidates who demonstrate their dedication to our North Star of judicial structural and ethics reforms that will bring the Supreme Court in compliance with Judicial Act of 1869 and preclude further opportunities for judicial nominees to lie their way on the most powerful bench in United States of America,

The Supreme Court must become a beacon of propriety for our times!

Add your voice to the growing chorus to ensure our elected representatives heed the will of the people!